Sunday, February 7, 2010

Natural diapers if you decide to go disposable

Nature babycare Eco-Friendly Chlorine-Free Diapers, Size 1 (8-14lbs), 160 Diapers [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]A while back I was researching baby products when I read an article about the hidden chemicals in baby wipes and came across this website that is a great resource for parents. It is all about safety and safe products, product recalls, and Eco-friendly products. I have been using Nature Babycare because they are biodegradable and use no chemicals, are really absorbant and the packaging is also recycleable.  They have recently been improved and have much better velcro closure and better elastic around legs and back.  I have also tried Whole Foods 365 brand (cheaper) and they are good as well.

Read the article link here and bookmark this website as it probably has more info you might want to read (Great website by the way!):

From the Safe Mama web site:
"Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers: We get a lot of questions about these diapers, and I hate to have to be the one to be the bearer of bad news, but these are not really a natural alternative, but more Huggies greenwashing the public to make them believe. Basically, the outer part of the diaper is made with organic cotton, which is great, but the rest of the diaper is no different than a conventional disposable. They’re bleached with dioxins, and as for the organic cotton outer, there’s no law that mandates exactly how much the product has to be organic in order to label it as such. So the diaper could be made from 100% organic materials, or 10% organic materials. I picked up the newborn size for my daughter in the interest of seeing what the hype was all about, and also because they had a cord cut out (something Seventh Generation doesn’t have). However, greenwashing aside, I found the diaper to be sub par and 99% of the time it leaked. SafeMama gives this diaper a thumbs down.
So what are our top picks for disposables? Seventh Generation, Nature Babycare, Earth’s Best and Tushies. There’s also the little g hybrid diaper, which could be considered disposable, however, they’re a more expensive option." sells Nature Babycare products - the lowest price I have found (and if you sign up for subscribe and save, you save 15%). just click below to view/purchase any of their great products that I have used.  FOR A SHORT TIME you can save 30 % - go to:

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