Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green Toys for a Green Planet!

Green Toys Indoor Gardening KitWe received the Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit as a gift a few years back because my son likes to help me in the garden.  I had seen Green Toys in stores but never really checked them out.  Reading the package for the gardening kit then going to their website, I learned that these toys are not only made from recycled milk jugs but also made in the USA - double bonus!  It is so hard these days to find toys made in America and with the economy the way it has been, I'd much rather be supporting American companies and workers.  Green Toys are BPA free and do not contain Phthalates or lead.  Also, their packaging is also very earth-friendly (and people-friendly - no twist-ties or hard, impossible to open plastic).  They use recycled corrigated cardboard to package their toys - that's it!  So they are also totally recycleable! 

These are all great qualities to me but what about the toys?  The Gardening Kit I received is very durable (still planting herbs in them over 2 years later!) and has withstood digging, banging, collecting things like stones (when they didn't have plants in them).  The kit came with a trowel, 3 pots and a base, seeds (basil, sunflowers and zinnias) and soil disks.  It was very easy to start our own window garden (even at age 2!).  This kit is very cute - the colors are bright and cheerful.  You would expect recycled plastic toys to a little dull, but not these!

Green Toys Tea SetSome of the other toys I have purchased or checked out include the Tea Set - super adorable and just what every little girl must have for tea time with the dolls; the Sand Play Toys - durable and ready for a summer full of beach and playground days; and the Tool Set - a must have when it's time to fix things!
Now Green Toys has feeding plates, bowls, forks and spoons , for "real" food in addition to their great line of "pretend" food cooking and service wear

They also have a good line of vehicles and boats for land and water play.These toys are made to last, manufactured with care for our
children, our country and our planet, and most importantly - they're fun! 

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