Monday, July 25, 2011

Sprout's Green Blog Hop - Eco-friendly ways to keep cool!

It has been hot... for most of the country, it has been brutally hot recently so it has inspired me to think about ways to stay a more eco-friendly way!

First of all, the best way to stay cool is to stay hydrated - drink lots of water at all times of the day (not just when you are thirsty).  One thing I like to do to make my water more refreshing is to add a slice or two of fresh lemon.  Lemon is refreshing and adds a little vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium to your water.  Another way to kick up your water (or iced tea or lemonade) is to add some fresh mint...I love how refreshing mint is and when the leaves are crushed or chopped the scent and flavor are just enlivening, crisp and cool! BTW - mint is super easy to grow, even from seed and is perennial so it will come back every year!

Once you have yourself cooled off, keep your home or office cooler... You can keep the temperature down in your rooms by closing blinds / shades during the day to block out direct sunlight.  Even better: plant shade trees on the south and west sides of your home to block sunlight and cool the building.  Mature trees can cool a building 10-20 degrees thus reducing the need for air conditioning (maybe even eliminating the need if you have a wooded area!) Trees also help to "clean the air" by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.  If you want to plant trees around your home, consult with a landscape architect or arborist to make sure you choose an appropriate tree for your location and best time to plant.

Tell me your tips for staying cool this summer...


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