Friday, December 10, 2010

Horticulture - Types of Christmas Trees

GKI Bethlehem Lighting 5-Foot Potted Canterbury Christmas Tree with 150 Clear Mini LightsThis week I thought I'd share an article I read on the different types of Christmas trees that are commonly available.  Do you know the difference?  Are you looking more for a tree that holds on to it's needles longer or one that is very fragrant?  Do you want a soft bushy Pine or a sturdy Spruce?   Check out this article for more info:
Horticulture - The Art & Science of Smart Gardening

And if you buy a potted tree that you can plant after the holidays, be sure to keep it moist and keep your room cool and a little more humid so it will last longer.  Set your tree near a window or door and away from any heat sources. 

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  2. Hi! I'm hopping today from the Sunday Relax and Surf hoping to make new friends. I always bought trees I could replant in the gardn after Christmas...they are now about 15 foot tall out there! No tree this year though...the Grinch I live with has cancelled it. It's more 'no, no, no,' than 'ho,ho,ho' in our house this year...oh well, there's always the wine bottle:)I have added myself as your newest follower on GFC .
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