Monday, August 8, 2011

#Ecomonday: Green your School Routine: Lunch Bags + 3 day deal!

Kids Konserve Squiggle Waste Free Lunch KitGreen Your School Routine is my version of Back to School implementing eco-friendly products and ideas to help make going green easier for families and kids.  I will be doing informative posts all month long with great products, ideas, deals and giveaways to help Green your back to school routine!

Lunch boxes and bags are a great way to reduce waste and are a fun way for kids to show their personality.  It is important to reduce/eliminate the amount of waste we produce as well as our impact on the planet.  I have read that the average student generates 67 pounds of school lunch packaging waste a year! This can be greatly reduced by bringing lunch in reusable containers and bags.  It's even easier than ever now to go green at lunchtime with the vast array of great eco-friendly products on the market today.  These are some of my favorite eco friendly lunch bags/boxes:

What I really love about Kids Konserve products is that they are high quality materials and very durable - we have had the Insulated lunch bag and the waste free lunch kit for over a year now and they have really held up - still look new and are so easy to clean!  I use baking soda to remove any stains but otherwise use dish soap to clean dishes and wash the cloth bags and napkins by hand using chemical free laundry detergent.


Click here for More Eco Friendly Lunch Boxes

OH - and
check out this great deal I found on Mamapedia today:
Reusable, Stylish & Food-Safe Bags from Re-pac for only $11 (50% off)  I love these bags because they are colorful, fun and REUSABLE!  Plus, when you make a purchase through Mamapedia, they donate some of the proceeds to benefit a school of your choice!!  
Click here:

Hurry - this deal is only on for 3 days!

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Be Green!

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