Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Month Day 18: Simple Switches to Green your Kitchen

Green your Kitchen! Are you wanting to go green but not sure where to begin?  Start in your kitchen by making some simple switches to your cleaning and kitchen supplies.  So many traditional cleaning supplies are full of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes - these are not only harmful to the environment, they are REALLY harmful for your family.  Many also use petroleum and petroleum by-products - another negative impact on our environment.  We also don't think about the fact that many of these cleaning products end up in our water system!  Many eco conscious families abandon traditional store bought cleaning supplies and opt to make their own or use more natural solutions like baking soda (my personal favorite!), vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils.  If you are not ready to go full-on natural or just want to use better store-bought products, here are some great choices that use natural ingredients, work well and even smell great!  Click on any of these links for more info or to purchase at Amazon's great low prices:


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