Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Earth Month: Day 10 - Get Ready to Plant

Reuse household trash to start your spring sprouting!

A few nice warm sunny days in the early spring is all it takes for many people to start itching to plant or start seeds.  I got my herbs started several weeks ago as I am impatient to have fresh basil again!  If you have a sunny window it's easy to grow herbs and start many seeds indoors.  You don't even need to have fancy pots or specialty "seed starting" boxes or kits - there are many things you can reuse to start seeds - here is a short list:

  • plastic jugs (like half-gallon milk jugs) - just cut the top off and pierce a few small holes at the bottom; you can also use the top part as a scoop for your dirt!  No waste here!
  • yogurt cups/containers
  • egg cartons - perfect for seedlings that you plan to transplant outdoors
  • egg shells - when using eggs for cooking, gently break only the top part of the shell with a sharp knife to keep most of the shell in tact, wash it out well, let dry.  These are also perfect to start seeds then they can be planted - shell and all! into your outdoor garden
  • cans - any cans like empty coffee cans, cleaned out food cans, even soda cans - just make sure to punch holes in the bottom for drainage
  • take out coffee cups
  • you can even create little seedling pouches by making soil balls using old shirts, cut into small circles or squares, then place dirt inside and enclose bundle by tying with string or twine.  Cut a small area out and plant seeds.
  • To keep the soil moist to promote better seedlings, reuse your plastic bags or zip lock bags - I find that old zip lock bags (large or small) work really well to create a mini-greenhouse by fitting them over the top of planters
  • You can also get creative and decorate your containers - get the kids involved - have fun!

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