Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Month Day 24: Reuse and Swap kids clothes with Thredup

thredUP_kids clothing swap_free membership Clothes don’t grow. Kids do.

Many people use springtime as a good reason to do the deep cleaning, reorganizing and purging.  It's also a time that we realize just how much excess we have.  And if you have kids, you know how quickly the out-grown clothes pile up! Last year I was discussing how my closets were overcrowding with a friend - we have both have two kids but of opposite sex of each other so we decided to swap clothes - my infant boy clothes for her preschooler girl clothes.  Not too long after that, I discovered - the online children's clothing swap site!  I thought that was just the coolest thing ever!  I had tried to sell my gently used clothes on Ebay and didn't have too much success.  I have also donated bags and bags to Salvation Army but with the increasing cost of new clothes (and the constant need to get larger sizes!) it would be nice to get something in return for the clothes.  That's were thredUP comes in... you give, you get, it's fast and it's easy!
thredUP is where families swap kids clothing (and toys!) online. Join thredUP's FREE online community to exchange stuff your kids no longer use, for clothing that fits & toys they'll love!


Here's how easy it is to thredUP Picking Boxes of Clothes:
thredUP is the best way to clear out your kids clothes and toys that they no longer use. Take the clothes and toys your child has outgrown and prepare to thredUP—all on your schedule (monthly, quarterly, seasonally, annually). We've found that most parents list new boxes regularly once they learn how easy it is to do. Here's how:

•Receive a pack of FREE USPS flat rate boxes automatically sent to you (free of charge) upon registration.
•Sort clothes by making groups of the same size, season(s) and gender.
•Separate by clothing item type (tops and bottoms) and brand. Keep outfits and matching items together.
•Stuff USPS boxes with your organized groups of used kids clothing.
•Tell us about the clothing in each box in our "Build a Box" template.
•List your box and then wait for another member to pick it!

At thredUP we are committed to helping you exchange fantastic pre-loved clothes and toys. Real world clothing swaps are time consuming and hard to organize. We’ve created one for you that’s always available and always being updated with new listings from parents just like you.

•Navigate our listings similar to surfing eBay, iTunes or Amazon. Sort by gender, size, brand, season or type of item
•Find baby, toddler, or pre-teen clothing, and toys for all ages
•Pay $5 + shipping ($10.95) and it's yours
•Get your box sent directly to your doorstep by the parent who listed it
•Add listers to your Favorite Senders list and filter search results to view only boxes that your favorite senders have listed
•View community ratings to ensure high quality items and picking boxes with confidence

All you'll ever pay for basic swapping is $5 + ($10.95) shipping per box of kids clothes. At more than ten items per box, that's like $1.50 per item. No hidden charges. No recurring fees. You can decide at anytime to stop swapping clothes.

thredUP_kids clothing swap_free membership

Building your box is super easy - you just simply select the categories your clothes fit into (group your clothes by size when building a box) and the brand names and write a brief description of the items.  You don't need to include photos or do anything special.  Once I got my clothes sorted and tested to see how many fit into the box, I was able to list a box on thredUP in minutes then just packed the box up.  My first few boxes got selected within a few days and my recent boxes got selected the NEXT DAY!  Sending them is even easier!  thredUP generates your shipping label and a USPS pickup will be automattically scheduled for the next day.  That's it - DONE!  SO EASY! Now I have more space in the closets too!

Now I have a credit in my account and I'm ready to start selecting boxes to see what goodies I can find!!

This is the ultimate way to reuse and reduce waste in our landfills!

Use my referal code Nitzky69564 and receive a $5 credit!

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