Sunday, April 10, 2011

Earth Month Day 9: Pretty Little Reusable Shopping Bags!

So Much Prettier (and Friendlier) than any plastic bags!

Several years ago a friend brought me back a gift from Paris - a tiny nylon pouch that opened up into a beautiful orange reusable shopping bag.  I had switched to reusable bags (or bringing my own reused brown paper bags) but so often I would forget to bring them with me or didn't have one with me when I had to stop by the store.  So this nylon bag was the perfect solution!  It was just the right size for my typical urban grocery shopping trips (I don't have a car so I shop more often and only buy what I can carry!).  The best part is that it folded up into a wallet sized pouch - so there was no reason not to always carry it around in my purse or backpack!  Now it seems that this handy little reusable is all the rage and come in so many beautiful and fun designs so they are great for any style and even great gifts!  Check out a small sampling that I really like from Amazon:

Happy Shopping!
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