Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Month:EPA's Pick 5 for the Environment

Saving the entire planet is a huge task that could not possibly be accomplished by just a few people but if we all do something small to help protect the environment we live in, our collaborative effort can be BIG!  That is the mantra of the Environmental Protection Agency's Pick 5 for the Environment program.

Pick 5 for YOUR environment!

Environmental action can mean doing different things in different places, but it begins by taking the simple steps where you live. Doing your part means doing what you can do. By choosing five or more of these ideas and sharing your own, you are joining thousands of others who are doing the same. Together we can make the biggest difference, so make your actions count today!

Pick 5 is the U.S. government’s official web portal to make your environmental action count. Pick at least 5 eco-actions you can take where you live, and watch the green grow around the world! Register your choices and share ideas and inspiration with others who have done the same – all from one easy location!

Check it out today and pledge to make 5 small changes to help make our environment more green:

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